Store Hours

8:30 a-6:30 p
6 am- 7 pm
10 am- 2pm

ph   (320) 748-7482
fax  (320) 748-7498

*Attention Shooters!*

 Certification  for MN, Fl, or both are offered.  Print and fill out the registration form and the release form found in the Carry Class registration Tab and drop off or mail with the appropriate fees. 

You must have taken Basic Handgun or have previous experience with handguns before taking the Carry Class.

You must be registered and fees in for desired class one week in advance!

Up Coming Events

12/8/18Carry Class
1/5&6/ 19Women's Only Handgun Self Defense9am-
1/20/19Carry Class  prerequisite of basic handgun*8am
1/27/19Countering the Mass Shooter Threat1pm
2/10/19Carry Class*
2/17/19Personal Protection at Home1pm
2/24/19Shotshell Reloading1pm
3/3/19Metallic Shell Reloading1pm
3/10/19Carry Class*
3/17/19Personal Protection Away from  Home1pm
3/24/19Countering the Mass Shooter Threat1pm
4/6 & 7/19Women'n Handgun Self Defense9am
4/14/19Carry Class*8am
4/28/19Personal Protection at Home1pm
5/5/19Basic Pistol1pm
5/19/19Carry Class*8am
5/26/19Countering the Mass Shooter Threat1pm
6/2/19Personal Protection Away from Home1pm
6/9/19Carry Class*8am
6/23/19Basic Shotgun Shooting


7/6 & 7/19Women's Handgun Self Defense9am
7/9  &  7/11/19Youth Firearms Safety8am- 4pm
7/14/19Carry Class*8am
7/21/19Basic Pistol1pm
7/28/19Countering the Mass Shooter Threat1pm