22 Pistol League will consist of: 8  40 round sessions with 3 person teams .  10 rounds each in one hand, two hand, kneeling and prone at 50 ft.  No hollow point ammo. allowed.

22 Rimfire Rifle Bench Rest will consist of:  10  10 round  sessions at fifty ft. Individual scores, no team.

Trap Shooting will consist of: 10  25 rounds on an indoor trap simulator.  Trap shooters will need to bring gun, one box of ammo and be measured to enter shooter info into trap computer. 5 person teams.

League fees will be: Pistol and Rimfire Rifle- $60

                                           Trap Simulator League- $75

Range time for practice is $15 per hour per person.  

Trap Simulator $.30 a bird for practice.

Please schedule days you would like to shoot on, when signing up for league.  NRA safety rules will apply.  

Any questions or for more info please call Bill @ 320-748-7482

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