MN Carry Class:​  This course is designed to satisfy the Minnesota requirements for handgun proficiency and classroom lecture and enable the student to apply for their MN Carry Permit.  It will help train the student to train themselves to properly react while carrying a firearm. This class consists of a 50 round qualification course, which students must obtain a score of 70 to pass.  You must have basic firearms knowledge and skills to take this class. Training includes the following topics:

  • Safety
  • Basic self-defense principles
  • Conflict avoidance and alternatives to deadly force.
  • Use of force and deadly force law.
  • Conceal carry law: Where you can and cannot carry.
  • Practical suggestions for safe legal transport & concealed carry.
  • Demonstration of loading and unloading a handgun.
  • Holsters and accessories.

​Materials required for class: center fire firearm only ( NO Rimfires or single action revolvers!!), eye & ear protection, two magazines or speed loader, 50 rounds of ammo, lead not to exceed 1100 fps; may need more depending on shooting skills.

Shotgun Shell Reloading: Shotgun shell reloading class exposes students to the fundamentals of shotgun shell reloading.  The class is designed to enable shooters with little or no prior experience in reloading to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to produce safe, consistent and accurate reloaded ammunition. This is a hands-on course. The student will learn basic reloading procedures, information about choosing hulls, primers, powders, wads and shot or slugs; information about different types of reloading equipment; and their proper setup and operation.

Materials Needed: ​Eye protection, materials to take notes, and a lunch if you want. 

Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading:   This course exposes students to the basics of reloading centerfire metallic cartridges with little or no prior experience reloading.  This course is designed to provide beginning reloaders with the basic knowledge, skills and attitude to safely reload metallic cartridges.

  • Safety
  • Centerfire cartridge components
  • Using the reloading manual and reloading data
  • Metallic cartridge reloading equipment
  • The metallic cartridge reloading process
  • Basic metallic cartridge reloading practical exercise

Materials Needed:  Eye Protection, materials to take notes, and a lunch if you want.

Women's Only Handgun Course:​ This a 2 day course .  This ladies only course provides an opportunity to learn and shoot in a safe, low stress environment with other women who share your interests.  The course will cover:

  • Understanding firearms
  • Fundamentals of handgun shooting
  • Eye dominance, stance and grip
  • Sight alignment and sight picture
  • Trigger and breath control
  • Choosing the right gun
  • Bullets and ballistics
  • Cycle of operation and common malfunctions
  • Holsters for conceal carry
  • Establishing personal boundaries
  • Loading and unloading your firearm

.22, .380, 9mm and 40 cal. handguns will be provided. Tuition includes: handgun rental, ear & eye protection rental,  ammo and targets you will need for the class.  You may bring your own handgun if you prefer.

Day 2 will be the Carry Class.  Must bring firearm you plan to use for Carrying and ammo for it. NO rimfires!  If you don't have a firearm yet you can rent one and buy ammo on site.  Upon qualifying you will receive a carry certificate.

Personal Protection Away from Home:  This course teaches students the knowledge, skills and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for safe, effective and responsible use of a pistol for self-defense away from the home.  Participants must understand the basic legal concepts relating to the use of firearms in self-defense, and must know and observe not only general gun safety rules, but also those safety principles that are specific to defense situations.  This course will cover:

  • Safety
  • Strategies for personal safety outside the home
  • Carrying a concealed handgun and presenting the handgun from concealment
  • Developing basic defensive shooting skills
  • Developing concealed carry shooting skills for use outside the home
  • Special defensive shooting techniques 
  • Concealed carry, self-defense and the law

​Materials Needed:  firearm and owners manual, 50 rounds of ammo, lead not to exceed 1100 fps

Countering the Mass Shooter:​ Active shooter is a term that not too many years ago was unheard of, now it has become an all too common phrase in society, news, social media, schools and businesses.  For this reason, being properly trained for these events has become a necessary reality for everyone.

This informative class is for everyone in case you ever find yourself in an active shooter event.  Knowing how to react is key for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.  This course will inform you of the current best practices and current law enforcement/ fire department response.  Fees cover class materials.

Florida Concealed Carry License Class:  This course is designed to satisfy the Florida Requirements for handgun proficiency and classroom lecture and enable the student to apply for their Florida permit. 

Materials Needed:​ Same as MN Carry Class.

Personal Protection at Home: This course is for law-abiding adult citizens, as defined by applicable federal, state, or local law.  It is much more than a routine shooting course.  It is important that participants have sufficient maturity and life experiences to be able to assess various situations and make mature decisions.  This course teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and provides information on the law-abiding individual's right to self-defense. The course will cover:

  • Safety
  • Mental preparation
  • Developing defensive shooting skills
  • Strategies for home and personal safety
  • Firearms, self-defense and the law
  • Choosing firearms, ammo, and accessories for personal protection

Materials Needed for class:  firearm and owners manual, 50 rounds of ammo, lead not to exceed 1100 fps

Basic Pistol:  This course is designed to teach the following skills:

  • Knowledge and operation of both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.
  • Rules for safe gun handling, pistols parts and operation, and ammunition.
  • Shooting fundamentals, bench and 2 handed standing positions.
  • Both home and range based training drills for improving shooting.
  • Cleaning of pistols and continued opportunities for skill development.

 Materials Required for Class:  Handgun, owners manual, cleaning supplies, ear & eye protection, 50 rounds of ammo, lead not to exceed 1100 fps. 

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