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The 10X Range & Training Center is a classroom and meeting space with a 3 stall indoor shooting range.  Classes from MNDNR Firearms Safety, USCCA MN and Florida Carry Classes, NRA classes and NRA Instructor Classes from a certified instructor are offered here. Activities available are : pistol and rifle league shooting, archery, 4-H shooting sports, Range Days.  This building is available to rent for meetings, small gatherings, and private classes.  Range guns are available for rent to use on the range.  Range can be rented by the hour or the day.

10X Range & Training Center

Shooting Leagues

.22 LONGRIFLE PISTOL LEAGUE: 4 position, 40 round course.  Individual leagues with classes for open sights & optical sights, or 4 member teams (3-minimum).  3 scores used for team total each week.  Teams will be classified into 3 classes and will only be competing with teams in their class.

CENTER-FIRE (BIG-BORE) PISTOL LEAGUE: 4 position, 40 round course.  Individual leagues with classes for open sights and optical sights.  This is a 5 session league. Cartridge Limitations: 1000 F.P.S Maximum Anytime!! ABSOLUTELY NO JACKETED BULLETS!!

COMBAT HANDGUN LEAGUE: This will be an 8 session individual league. Call for available times.

.22 RIFLE 4 POSITION, 40 ROUND LEAGUE: This will be a 5 session individual league if there is enough interest.

BENCH REST LEAGUE FOR .22 L.R. RIFLES & HANGUNS: This is a 30 round course of fire.  25 minutes is allowed for shooting the 30 rounds plus any sight-in shots.  This is a 10 session league.


10X Range & Training Center will be offering a Youth .22 handgun league for kids age 11-18.  They must have Firearms Safety Certificate! Parent/ guardian of interested youth must attend the informational meeting and parent/guardian must sign a release form for youth to participate.    

Youth will be taught and use proper stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, breathing, trigger control, follow through, handgun etiquette and target scoring.  They will shoot from 4 positions: 1 hand standing, 2 hand standing, kneeling and prone. Shooters will shoot 10rds in each position. This will be a 5 session league.

This is a 3 person team event.